Why Duff Homes?

Chris Duff

Sales Representative

When you meet Chris, you will quickly realize he is incredibly honest and has strong moral principles, a person of integrity, and you can be sure this and his knowledge of the market will be evident in every aspect of your relationship.

You will be guided through the process, provided with the facts, and can be assured that everything is in your best interest. You, your time and needs will be respected, during one of the biggest transactions of your life.

Over the past 17 years Chris has helped many people relocate, buy their first home, their forever home and even transition to their retirement home. He has extensive knowledge of new home construction,  resale markets and he has complete knowledge of condos and condo regulations.

If you are more in the market for commercial properties, Chris has become somewhat of an enigma is this area and his experience and knowledge span from commercial condominium purchase to lease of office space.

While Chris does take his work seriously you will find him, before sunrise, on the golf course, perfecting his game and preparing for his day. He will also show this dedication and level of perfection in everything he does for you and your real estate search.


…Only one agent of about ten actually called me back. …That agent was Chris Duff.

“I knew very little about St. John’s. I had not been there but I had heard from friends it was a great city. I did some internet research and made some calls from Toronto about properties I had seen. Only one agent of about ten actually called me back. After five minutes on the phone I knew I had found a winner. In two years, with four houses downtown under my belt, my lawyer, home inspector, and electrician in place I am grateful to the one agent that returned my call and guided me through unknown territory objectively, informed and with great ease. That agent was Chris Duff.”

– J. Haslam (Toronto, ON)

Who Am I?

My name is Chris Duff. Years ago I used to be an airline pilot, so I know a thing or two about being the guy that people rely on. Now, I’m not going to compare buying or selling your house to piloting a plane – I think the real estate decisions can be even more terrifying!

I’d like to be the person that helps you navigate through the process of buying or selling in Newfoundland.